Creating a Mac OS X Lion Install DVD

I’ve recently been investigating installing Lion (Mac OS 10.7) on by faithful MacBook Black, and have come up with a bit of a warning for those who want to create an installable USB image or Install DVD prior to upgrading their Leopard or Snow Leopard installations.

Most people will purchase Lion through the Apple ‘App Store’ application on their 10.6 installs. Once purchased, clicking install will proceed to download the installer to your local machine. Here is where the gotcha happens.

Once downloaded, the installer will launch ‘Install Mac OS X Lion’ from the Applications folder.

If you want to make a bootable USB stick or Installer DVD, you must cancel the installer before you install, as the process of installation will remove the install application from the Applications folder once the Lion install is complete.

To make the installer:

– Cancel the automatic installation.

– CTRL-click the ‘Install Mac OS X Lion’ application within the Applications folder. Select ‘Show Package Contents’.

– Navigate to Contents > SharedSupport, and select ‘InstallESD.dmg’.

– Copy this dmg image to another location (such as Desktop).

– Open Disk Utility, and select the image saved to the Desktop.

– Insert a blank DVD and have Disk Utility write the image to the disk. Once complete, the disk should mount and be bootable.

– Move to another authorized Mac, and install Lion as you would in earlier versions! You are done!


About Jeremy Bowman
VMware-certified Solutions Architect, Virtual Systems Designer / Administrator, Mac-Enthusiast.

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