10 Big Questions to ask Cloud Providers

The vCloud team at VMware have recently posted on their vCloud blog about the ’10 Big Questions to ask Cloud Providers’ relating to their vCloud Datacenter Service, for people considering a public cloud provider offering – to ensure that all needs and requirements are met. These are:

  1. Do I have to re-write or modify my application?
  2. Can I move applications back and forth to the public cloud?
  3. How do I know if my cloud is secure?
  4. Can  get flexible role-based access control synchronised with my enterprise directory?
  5. Can I get virtual layer-2 networking and a stateful virtual firewall?
  6. Can I dynamically add memory and CPU to a could VM while it’s running?
  7. How can I ensure CPU and memory are guaranteed?
  8. Can I get predictable service costs that still allow me to scale when I need to?
  9. How can I get the cost benefits of multi-tenancy but still access dedicated infrastructure when I need it?
  10. How can I ensure global consistency across cloud service providers?
To view the fill article and see VMware’s answers to these questions, visit the blog here:

UK Could Partners

In the UK, Eduserv are running a cloud pilot service aimed at Universities and Colleges – funded by JISC as part of the UMF Shared Services and the Cloud Programme. To read more information about this pilot or to find out more information about getting involved, please visit Eduserv’s Cloud Computing pages.

About Jeremy Bowman
VMware-certified Solutions Architect, Virtual Systems Designer / Administrator, Mac-Enthusiast.

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