Apple iCloud Pricing Unleashed

On Monday, Apple released it’s new Apple iCloud service to beta and made it available to registered Apple Developers. The launchpad for the service is openly available for all to see, with logins restricted to those who part with their $99 for an iOS Developers subscription. Also released was more information on what subscribers will have to pay to upgrade the storage provision.

Apple announced in June that all iOS5 and Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) users will automatically get 5GB of storage in the iCloud as part of their service provision. For those who don’t think 5GB will cut it, users will be able to upgrade their storage by paying a tiered price:

  • 15GB for $20/year
  • 25GB for $49/year
  • 55GB for $100/year
For more information on iCloud Pricing, good article for 9to5Mac here.

So, what will you be storing on your iCloud storage? Apple have released transition information about what you will and won’t be able to store in your cloud presence. Essentially, iWeb publishing, MobileMe Gallery and iDisk functionality all get the chop, along with sync’ing Dock items, bookmarks and various System Preferences. Apple however, are at pains to provide details on additional services attached to iCloud. If you want these features, then maintain your MobileMe account till service cut-off on 30th June 2012.

So, what will iCloud sync between devices? These all get to take part in the transition to iCloud:

  • Mail
  • Contacts (Address Book)
  • Calendar
  • Find my Phone
….along with new features like:
  • iTunes for the Cloud
  • Photo Stream
  • Documents in the Cloud
  • Cloud Backup and Restore
  • Auto-Downloads
Essentially, this transition it a good move for MobileMe users and Apple alike. For Apple, the services little used and/or loved by users get the chop – allowing them to re-focus the cloud strategy with an increasing number of iOS devices. For MobileMe users, new generations of services are being phased in to replace older Mac-centric apps – with much better support for iOS sync’ing! A win-win smart move for any Apple user!
Read more about Apple iCloud here:

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2 Responses to Apple iCloud Pricing Unleashed

  1. Mike says:

    I cant wait but will you be able to back up all of the stuff on your imac to the clould or not?

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the comment……

      I think it depends on what you mean by ‘backup’! If you want copies of your photos, iTunes music and the like then yes – you should be able to sync with iCloud and effectively have backups. What’s a shame I think is the ability to sync things like bookmarks, dock items etc and iDisk will be depleted and hence removed over time. So, if you have specific files or ‘whole machine’ backups configured at the moment this won’t sync – but I guess that’s why Apple are pushing Time Machine so much at the moment. I guess you can understand the move to deplete the dock / bookmarks sync between desktops – with the shift to portables and mobile devices how many people have multiple desktop machines that require this functionality?


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