Apple iCloud Pricing Unleashed

On Monday, Apple released it’s new Apple iCloud service to beta and made it available to registered Apple Developers. The launchpad for the service is openly available for all to see, with logins restricted to those who part with their $99 for an iOS Developers subscription. Also released was more information on what subscribers will have to pay to upgrade the storage provision.

Apple announced in June that all iOS5 and Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) users will automatically get 5GB of storage in the iCloud as part of their service provision. For those who don’t think 5GB will cut it, users will be able to upgrade their storage by paying a tiered price:

  • 15GB for $20/year
  • 25GB for $49/year
  • 55GB for $100/year
For more information on iCloud Pricing, good article for 9to5Mac here. Read more of this post

Battle for Cloud OS hotting up…

The race to provide the leading defacto standard for Cloud OS interface has been joined by Mozilla and Chinese search engine Baidu, The Register UK reports. With HTML5 and browsers becoming ever more advanced (and support for HTML5 being more more equal on some browsers than others), it would suggest that tech companies with browser experience might have the edge.

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Amazon S3 Hosts Banking Trojan

In a new post in The Register, researchers at Kaspersky Lab have reported that Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service) has been used to host the command and control channels for the notorious SpyEye banking trojan.

The developers of SpyEye appear to have used new capabilities and Agile software development to prevent the malware from being detected by transaction monitoring services.

This kind of development practice and the availability to shift workloads between cloud instances are sure to keep cloud providers and security companies like Trusteer and Kaspersky Labs on their toes, and is also likely to ask new questions about the governance of workloads hosted in cloud compute environments.

Read the full report on The Register UK here:


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